Beyond Your Imagination…What Lurks? The Perfect Storm.

A glimpse into the past

Am I the only person who sits there day after day, always finding time to think about the progress that technology has made, managing to outdo my most wildest imagination.Being born in 1992, I was raised playing with pogs. What to some people was just a chubby little coin made of cheap metal, was the cause of endless hours of enjoyment for kids like me. Needless to say, children can have fun doing just about anything. However the requirement for getting creative with your daily pass times has become almost non existent unless you are making an attempt to keep technology out of your life.

Although earlier in life I did have the chance to play a sibling’s Super Nintendo, however my younger self had shoved marbles into the socket, forever ruining my chance. This would dictate my future though, at age 7 I would beg my parents for a Nintendo 64. The chance to own a console because I had never gotten the opportunity to have one was my main argument. My secondary arguments were “c’mon mom, you love me don’t you”. (It had also helped that I had just come out of dental surgery for a little bit of a guilt trip). With the workings of my lawyer like skills, I finally had it. It was amazing, the best experience any 6 year old could ask for, 3 dimensional pixels on a screen made for a multitude of emotions one wouldn’t even think a 6 year old could tap into. Technology, had entered into neighborhoods years before this, but it was just knocking on my front door. It was interesting living through my own transition of non-technological pass times, to a mix of both worlds, and now a pretty dominant computer based life. I would see the playing cards, of digimon, pokemon, yu-gi-oh, begin to collect dust in my attic as real life installments on gaming consoles were created.

Present Days

Fast forward a few years, repeatedly, consoles launch new versions, graphics become more real and gaming experiences begin to use your actual body to play. An example being the Xbox kinect. One wonders, how far can they go? With the latest consoles on the horizon, some believe consoles have reached a plateau, a major source being the Economist, claiming that the new Xbox one console, did not reveal much except for interconnecting television, music, and gaming into one experience. Going as far as naming the article “Is It Curtains for Gaming Consoles”.

I personally beg to differ. With all the progression, as one can see in the upcoming trailer for “Watch Dogs”, graphics in gaming are still very much on the incline. Even a comparison of the graphics from the nineties, to present day show extravagant advances, as with technology in general. The one question looming in my mind, is when all technology, will become one. What I refer to as, the perfect storm.

What The Future May Hold

The earth according to current scientists still has a long, long, long time before it expires. When it is evident that technology has the ability to grow at an exponential rate, and we’ve only been witnessing that for a couple decades, what could be the result of an equation, putting the aggressive rapidity of growth, to the power of one, two, three thousand? Thoughts that could encircle ones mind, would be all streams of technological aspects and human life forming into one. Google has just released their highly anticipated “Google glass” and it has taken the world by storm. Bridging a quick thinning gap between humans and technology. I predict that it is only a matter of time before life and technology become one, with all the giants of the industries coming together to create a small batch of products that can do literally anything one can imagine. From playing games, calling people, cooking, smoking, travelling, the list goes on and so do the ideas. It is a hard concept to grasp, as it is just beyond my imagination.



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