Pirates. The Unstoppable Army.

Lesson 101


               Pirates, existent since the birth of oceans and when ships could sail. Usually defeated by heroes and more well equipped armies, but never giving up the fight to find their gold. Though pirates may still exist, wandering somewhere in the ocean, in today’s society we have developed a new breed of pirate. Pirate gold nowadays is now considered as receiving priced content with respect to movies, television, music, books and games, without the price. Piracy is a whole separate battle for law enforcement and has staked its claim as a major foe that is nearly impossible to take down. Similar to a cockroach when you shut down a piracy operation, it never really dies. An even better comparison would be to worms, cutting it in half only doubles the population. There are specific reasons why you may never kill piracy.

Are We Even Doing Anything Wrong?

With today’s generation, the use of computers is so deeply instilled in them that many people have admittedly stated that they are not sure how they would survive without their laptop or smart phone. When you are raised doing something  your whole life without receiving punishment for the act, you carry on assuming it is not harmful. Which is exactly what the society of today has been doing, they have been pirating so long that it does not seem like a crime. So when the law may make us out to look like horrible people (left pirate), we do not see ourselves as that much of a threat (right pirate). We find ways to justify the legitimacy of piracy, however not all agree and believe the excuses made are fictitious. Facts are that more than 70% of people who pirate genuinely do not see a problem with it

– A great comment found on youtube was by the account Javis586 on piracy was:

“Stealing is when someone comes into your house in the middle of the night and takes your cat, and when you wake up your cat is gone.

Piracy is when someone comes into your house in the middle of the night and takes your cat, and when you wake up your cat is still there.”

Which just about sums up the opinion of the masses.
– Check out Brad Burnhams perspective on the matter!


The market is enormous, the army is growing, and no other force can match it. The number of people who pirate music, movies, television shows or other forms of entertainment easily outnumber the United States military. It’s a numbers game and with law enforcement essentially fighting ghosts, how are they supposed to make any headway. The pirate community has an exponential growth equation attached to it, and every moment they avoid penalty, they continue to expand. Of course there are campaigns such as the “six strikes” which has caught a wave of attention, having its story covered by CNN. However, it is likely that it will head down the same road as acts such as “SOPA” (the Stop Online Piracy Act) which was protested against by majority of internet companies, one being the head honcho Google . They don’t really stand a chance when they are outnumbered and being attacked from avenues they did not know existed.

Corporations Vs The People

Although people assume corporations can’t be harmed because they are already swimming in money, the fact of the matter is that they lose billions of dollars annually to piracy. In the eyes of the people though, corporations continue to have a negative stigma held against them with the preconceived notion that they only care about money and are greedy. While I do believe this is true also, what many people don’t realize is that the money corporations generate tends the facilitate the stable structure of the countries economy. Without this recognition, corporations are doomed in a never ending fight with people who aim to take away the money they desire to generate themselves. For the most part I do agree that places like movie theaters tend to over price their concession items and movies at ridiculously high prices. CBC had performed a survey and found that most people do feel that prices are nearly 4-5 times as much as those found at other locations. It is said that the markup price on popcorn is nearly 300%. No wonder people tend to lash out at corporations for trying to dig into their pockets.


At the end of the day, the final point in this war already being designated a victor, is the sheer simplicity and ease of piracy. The fact of the matter is that many people, after all bills are paid, food and necessities are taken care of, a lot of people do not have much left for entertainment. Especially with the prices these days, it is hard for people to get out and have a good time. Therefore, why not download it at home, and watch/listen in the own comfort and privacy of your own home. A great look into the perspective of youths reasons for being involved with using pirated material is a short documentary titled, “Downloaded”. The children’s responses include:
– “Well, everyone else does it, so why not?”

– “It’s cheap!”

– “It’s accessible”

– “It’s there, it’s on the internet. So why would you spend money on something you don’t have to spend money on. Right?”


Overall, in the eyes of most, piracy is easy, cheap and accessible. How can companies compete with a zero dollar sale on all of their items. The simple economic model of supply and demand can break down this battle, people always want entertainment, therefore, piracy has an unlimited demand equation.  They are fairly confident peoples desires to view forms of entertainment will never die out, so long as there is something to copy.  Now it is a matter of corporations needing to attempt a joint venture of some sort. For example, in CIS2050, an article spoke of BitTorrent wanting to break into the market, which could change the dynamic of how everything from a sales point of view operates in the industry today. As of right now, Pirates are winning the war. Will the opposing forces come to the conclusion of “if you can’t beat them, join them”, or will they continue to attempt to pummel the pirates into the ground, with aspirations of annihilating their existence. Only time will tell.


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